Well…hello there,

Most likely, you’ve stumbled upon my website by accident, but before you run away, feel free to peruse my site. I’m not peddling anything too deviant. Nor will I try to
finagle a banking account number from you. Actually, I’m an author of sorts, who writes adult fiction. Sorry…no erotica… Except for an occasional carnal passage, I
tend to focus on other plot elements—though some my characters have a penchant for colorful language. To date, I’ve written a couple of books along with many
short stories and articles. I can’t say that I’m a commercially successful author, but more readers seem to like than dislike my work. I suppose that makes me a modest
critical success—though some Amazon reviewers might say otherwise. Anyhow, if you’re drawn to crime, fantasy, mystery, and the supernatural, then you might
appreciate some of my work.

So, come inside—if you dare—and look around. There’s plenty of stuff to read and lots of pretty pictures. If you have any questions, I’ll be in the cellar burying
something or another… Or, go to my contact page and e-mail me. Yeah…you may wanna e-mail me instead…


Maine Author
John R. Cobb
Potato Island
Deer Isle Maine

Judith: A Quoddy Tale, Tales of the Cemetery Trees, and A Turtle Tale

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Tales of the Cemetery Trees
2014 New England Book Festival
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