Since the early 1800s, my father's family has ranched and farmed in central Texas when it was the Mexican State of Coahulia y Tejas. Born in Pecos in 1965, I lived in Texas until I
was four years old. After my parents separated, my mother moved my sister and me to Mississippi where we lived in places like Pascagoula, Kreole, and Moss Point. Though my
family life was unsettled around that time, I have fond memories of fragrant pine woods, shadowy bayous, meandering creeks, and muddy river deltas. Around eight years old, my
mother moved my sister and me to Maine where she was born and raised. As a boy, it didn't take many excursions into the Maine wilds before my love of the outdoors became a
lifelong passion.

Even today, differences between northern and southern cultures are apparent. At the Cobb Family Homestead in Blue Ridge, the kitchen walls are still unfinished when scarce board
lumber had been sacrificed to build coffins for Confederate dead. In Dedham Maine, fallen Union kin are interred in mossy graves at the Mann Family Cemetery. I suppose by
birthright that I could claim being both a Mainer and a Texan. However, given my mother’s deep familial roots and having lived and worked in Maine for most of my life, I've always
considered myself a Mainer. In fact, I get damn prickly when called a Transplant or From Away. Just saying...

My family and I live in Holden and enjoy many outdoor pursuits, including fishing, hiking, boating, camping, and the occasional trip when my spouse can drag me across state lines.
Like it or not, Maine is stuck with me.
Maine Author
John R. Cobb
Potato Island
Deer Isle Maine

Judith: A Quoddy Tale & Tales of the Cemetery Trees
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